TSBT on LHC@home 1.0 commence 01-Jan 00:00UTC
RankTSBT MemberChallenge PointsLast Result/hr/hr /12hr/hr /24hrTotal Now
1cineon_lut [BlackOps]67,60304-Jun 08:000006,266,595
3Kiltedjedi25,01602-Jul 09:0000033,468
4Snowdog of TSBT20,29730-Jun 14:00000863,710
5Philippe Demeur13,67713-Jun 19:00000416,302
6Radio9,63002-Jul 04:00000849,246
7Hal Bregg6,68803-Jul 13:00000239,042
8Garry Ross5,54028-Jun 16:00000531,501
9Grum4,32829-Jun 13:0000085,698
10Thinboab2,99429-Jun 08:0000086,964
11rsomerville841,42211-Jun 15:000001,632
12Fullsus85416-Jun 05:00000236,122

Disclaimer: these results are showing lower than confirmed results on SG website. Not sure why and no time to fix it at the moment. If your name ISN'T there when it should be, please let me know. Thanks David

Overall team total here if that helps but you'll need to do the arithmetic yourself I think SG starting point was around 19357359 points